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Traveling is difficult. That’s just a fact of life. Even if you’re traveling in first class, the cabin of an airplane is still incredibly tiny, and it’s difficult to navigate. So, when you’re traveling to your next destination, try to make your flight a bit more enjoyable with these gadgets and gizmos by packing them in your carry-on bag.

Cocktail Kit

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in the finer things in life, so long as you do so responsibly. And I’d argue that those in economy class tend to deal with less-than-desirable conditions, and so, they should be allowed to enjoy a refreshing alcoholic beverage every now and again. With that being said, bring your own cocktail kit. These kits are fairly small and bring everything you need to make a delicious cocktail, including bitters, recipes and a spoon. Just ask your flight attendant for the appropriate alcohol and you’ll be all set.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Because airplanes are so tiny, there isn’t much room for sound to travel, and so you’ll be hearing everything your neighbor says or does. Airplanes themselves are noisy as well. If you’re looking to focus on work, a movie, music or just get some sleep, you might want to look into noise-cancelling headphones. They’re incredibly light-weight, small and effective. Unfortunately, the technology needed to make them so effective makes them rather pricey. However, their usefulness makes them worth the price tag. Bose is one of the more popular brands, but there are a variety of manufacturers, like Sony and Beats by Dre, that are just as great.

Travel Pillow

The last item on this list will make your travel experience the relaxing experience you need. A travel pillow will allow you rest your head and neck on an incredibly soft and comfortable pillow without having to bother your neighboring passengers. You might want to consider getting a Trtl Pillow for your next adventure. It’s a bit pricey, but the quality is well worth it.

Next time you’re traveling in an airplane, make sure to purchase these items and pack them with you and you’ll guaranteed to have a great flight.